Bring your carbon removal project to life.

Accelerating the launch of new CDR and CCS projects is essential to meeting our climate goals. Mangrove is here to support new carbon projects with essential services to bring projects to market.
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Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessments for CDR & CCS projects.

Mangrove provides objective third-party life cycle assessment (LCA) services for companies to determine projects’ environmental impacts, carbon footprint, and net carbon removals.
Meets ISO standards 14040, 14044 and 14067 and global carbon removal standards, including Puro.Earth and Carbon Standards International (CSI)
Experience performing LCAs across a variety of technologies and pathways including direct air capture (DAC), biochar, and enhanced rock weathering (ERW)
LCAs can also be performed for carbon capture, storage, and utilization (CCUS) projects in connection with requirements under 45Q, 45Z, and 45V
Life Cycle Assessments can be loaded into Mangrove to accelerate speed to market and support operational LCA requirements
Commercial Advisory Services

Your partner in navigating the CDR ecosystem.

Receive expert advice & guidance to set your carbon project up for success from initial project design, to MRV, to standard & protocol selection, to certification and issuing credits. Get access to the information you need to accurately and confidently navigate the carbon markets.
Registry & protocol selection
Credit certification & issuance
Defining a plan for data collection & MRV
Customer Spotlight

Mangrove supports V6 Agronomy with the launch of a new broadacre Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) project.

The project will have the capacity to become the largest ERW project in North America, with the goal of establishing long-term positive climate, soil, and food production impacts in addition to carbon removal.

Turn project operational data into revenue with Mangrove.

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