Mangrove for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

From the first tonne to gigatonnes.

Mangrove helps streamline carbon project development through an auditable system that expedites LCA calculations and production reporting for commercialization and de-risks ongoing certification.
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A solution to enable complete traceability across your system boundary.

Drive differentiation with industry-leading dMRV.

Digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) plays a pivotal role in establishing a project developer's CDR leadership and laying a strong foundation for scale.

Mangrove gives CDR project developers the data-driven tools they need to prove impact and differentiation, helping earn a higher price premium per tonne and giving buyers the trust & confidence they need in the removals you deliver.
Report high-frequency, fully-traceable data for easier verification and buyer trust
Back up reported removals with the in-depth GHG calculations, chain of custody tracking, and evidence documentation
Provide data and evidence of co-benefits for differentiation and environmental impact

Streamline data collection and improve operational procedures.

Mangrove ingests real-time operational data from all stages across your project boundary into one central system to provide end-to-end accounting of gross removals and associated emissions.

The data is validated for completeness and quality assurance, ensuring all the required data is accounted for so there is complete traceability across the value chain. This provides a robust audit trail with detailed supporting evidence, ready for external reporting.
Easily collect data from and share data across your value chain
Reduce risk of manual errors
System that scales with your business
Automate compliance reporting

Stay flexible with a carbon system of record that adapts with your business.

Best available science & protocols are evolving. New value streams & standards bodies are emerging. Buyer expectations are increasing.

A strong foundation for data allows you to stay ahead of changes in the market to take advantage of the most beneficial commercialization pathways.
Leverage multiple value streams when commercializing projects
Maintain optionality without worry of double counting
Integrate your inventory with leading registries & marketplaces

Simplify verification and accelerate the issuance and delivery of your removals.

Project developers need a central hub to share clean, complete production data and supporting evidence with verification bodies (VVBs) to streamline the verification process.

By centralizing data and evidence in one accessible location, Mangrove significantly reduces the time and effort required for verification, leading to quicker validation of credits and faster access to revenue for businesses.

Project developers can leverage Mangrove’s inventory management functionality to manage offtakes, forecast and take stock of assets on hand, and track deliveries to customers.
Decrease verification review timelines
Accelerate the cash conversion cycle
Reduce risk of manual errors in verification
Manage CDR credit inventory from one central system to prevent double-selling or proposing of inventory
Key Capabilities for CDR

Streamline carbon commercialization with the leading solution for digital MRV.

Multi-Registry Support
Maintain models of your specific protocol and net carbon quantification. Ingest events, baselines, emission factors to drive calculations for accurate origination across value streams.
Hardware & Data Source Agnostic
Ingest data from sources across your system boundary, including sensor export flat files, third-party data, data repositories (FTP, S3 etc.).
Data Quality Control
Track batches of gross CO2 production and underlying calculations. Store evidence for robust audit & traceability, and validate data completeness.
Robust Audit & History Tracking
Reporting APIs to power external BI solutions, and built-in reports to analyze production, allocations, and commercialization.
Credit Life Cycle Management
Track offtakes, orders, and deliveries. Generate verification reports, issuance submissions for registries, and reconcile credit balances for real-time inventory.
Value Chain Data Collection
Seamless data sharing across your value chain. Automate data collection or provide partners with a data inbox to share data and evidence.
Compliance Management
Stay on top of data requirements and reporting tasks & deadlines across multiple markets and for project compliance.
Branded Buyer Experience
Provide verifiers and buyers with a single place to review underlying MRV data, evidence, and project information.
Customer Story

Accend powers 30%+ of the global biochar carbon market with Mangrove.

"Mangrove helps streamline our carbon removal operations; it is essential to our ability to scale and effectively meet the growing demand of our customers."
Paul Ferguson - CEO, Accend

Turn project operational data into revenue with Mangrove.

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