We’re on a mission to power the world’s most important carbon projects.

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Our Why

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Sea levels are rising. Storms are intensifying. Extreme heat is displacing vulnerable communities.

Amidst the challenge, we are witnessing an industrial reinvention at a truly unprecedented pace that reduces emissions and stores atmospheric greenhouse gases. Novel decarbonization solutions are being developed and deployed. Governments are banding together to create groundbreaking policies. New markets are being established to bring every business into the fold.
Mangrove’s mission is to power the world’s most critical projects that support this industrial reinvention. We are building the fabric that connects technology, policy, and markets to help projects reach gigaton scale.

Our Values

We are relentlessly focused on solving important problems for our customers that will help their carbon projects be more successful in improving the health of our climate.
Trust is paramount. At Mangrove we operate with surgical precision because we know that the success of our customers' carbon projects relies on their unwavering trust in our data and our platform’s meticulous ability to track CO2 and its respective emissions.
We believe that the right solution requires a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges. This understanding is manifested in every design and every solution that we build.


We're looking for talented, passionate individuals to join us on our mission.
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We’d still love to hear from you! We’re growing and are excited to have teammates join us who are the best at what they do. We’re passionate about building a diverse team that will make a meaningful impact on the planet. Email us at careers@mangrovesystems.com and tell us why you would be a great fit for our mission.