Industrial-strength tooling for gigaton-scale.

Mangrove is the carbon system of record for CDR & CCS organizations that brings critical measurement, monitoring, and traceability (dMRV) to carbon value chains.
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How It Works

Mangrove brings critical measurement and traceability to the CO2 value chain.


Ingests project operational data.

Mangrove ingests and centralizes disparate, disconnected data across your project operations from multiple sources including the operational technology (O/T) environment, manually inputted or uploaded production data, and available APIs.

Operational data is fed into a digital model of the pathway.

Your project operations are replicated in a digital model, mirroring your removal or capture value chain, allowing you to visualize, interact and analyze your physical operations in an all new way, making transformations, validations and boundary conditions easy to execute.

Ledger balances are generated for each unit of output.

The production model outputs balances into the Nexus carbon ledger, which performs an end-to-end accounting of each unit of output across your value chain. The carbon ledger validates your operational data for completeness and ensures complete traceability, resulting in a detailed emissions profile behind every unit of output and an audit trail that's compliant for external reporting.

Inventory can be allocated to value streams.

The carbon ledger serves as a single source of truth for operational data and supporting evidence that’s structured to help streamline and accelerate environmental attribute origination and verification.

Confidently allocate inventory to value streams (45Q, 45Z, LCFS, TIER, VCM and more) while enforcing stackability, meeting offtake obligations, and optimizing revenue given a unit of output's emissions profile.

Mangrove is tracking over 5 million tonnes of CO2e to date.

Turn project operational data into revenue with Mangrove.

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