Mangrove Systems will be at Carbon Unbound (East Coast) from May 21-23. Contact us to book a meeting.

From molecule to market.

Mangrove tracks every molecule of CO2 that flows through your CDR or CCS operation, providing a digital, fully-auditable system for dMRV ready to support project commercialization.
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Trusted by industry leaders including:

Tracking over 5 million tonnes of CO2e to date.

Mangrove is the carbon system of record for CDR & CCS operators.

Data is the cornerstone of all successful carbon projects.

Successful commercialization requires integrated, streamlined data sharing across the entire system boundary.
Structured and traceable documentation of production and emissions data is crucial for efficient verification and ongoing compliance.
Comprehensive dMRV is key to building buyer trust and ensuring the integrity of carbon projects.
Data systems must adapt and remain flexible to emerging markets, value streams, and compliance regimes to optimize commercial pathways.

Streamline carbon commercialization with the leading solution for digital MRV.

Mangrove brings critical measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) to CDR & CCS value chains, driving increased trust and auditability.
Streamline reporting for voluntary, compliance, and tax programs
Allocate production inventory and automate reporting across voluntary, compliance, and tax programs. Adapt to emerging regulations and new value streams.
Accelerate the cash conversion cycle for your project
Provide verification bodies (VVBs) & auditors with a central hub to review underlying production data and supporting evidence to streamline verification.
Report fully-traceable data for easy project verification via automated registry integrations
Seamlessly connect with leading registries to streamline reporting and accelerate credit serialization.
Increase revenue with data-backed environmental attributes
Back up reported removals with in-depth GHG calculations, evidence documentation, and co-benefits reporting to prove impact and drive differentiation.
Conduct production carbon accounting across multiple CO2 sources and storage points
Request and share data among partners across the carbon chain of custody and correctly attribute respective volumes back to source emitters.
Future-proof operations with monetization pathway optionality
Stay nimble across value streams, without worry of double-counting. Mangrove maintains a continuously-growing library of programs to provide project developers with optionality.
Customer Story

Accend powers 30%+ of the global biochar carbon market with Mangrove.

"Mangrove helps streamline our carbon removal operations; it is essential to our ability to scale and effectively meet the growing demand of our customers."
Paul Ferguson - CEO, Accend

Turn project operational data into revenue with Mangrove.

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Mangrove Systems will be at Carbon Unbound (East Coast) from May 21-23. Contact us to book a meeting.