Mangrove for Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Turn operational data into revenue.

Measure & report on every molecule of CO2 that flows through your CCS value chain to streamline verification and commercialization across government, compliance, and voluntary programs.
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A solution to enable complete traceability across your system boundary.

Streamline reporting & ongoing project compliance for voluntary, compliance, and tax programs.

Mangrove supports project operators in navigating the complex reporting and compliance requirements of the CCS market.

Whether it is aggregating data for reporting into commercial programs, sharing data with partners across your value chain for their own compliance needs, or submitting quarterly & annual regulatory compliance reports, Mangrove is the central data hub powering your end-to-end reporting needs.
Supports reporting requirements for 40 CFR Subpart RR (45Q), LCFS, registries such as Verra, Gold Standard, and Puro under the voluntary carbon market, and more
Share key data and reports with value chain partners and stakeholders
Supports customers’ reporting needs under EU ETS, CBAM, and SBTI
Includes external reporting API for deeper business intelligence insights
Simplifies verification and accelerates the cash conversion cycle

Ensure complete traceability across your system boundary.

Mangrove’s chain of custody tracking enables project developers to track CO2 as it moves through the value chain to provide a traceable, auditable system for CO2 management and reporting.

Commingled CO2 is attributed back to the source with proportional emissions (losses, leakages, energy use) for net capture calculations using mass balance. The resulting accounting is ready to support downstream commercialization, reporting, and compliance requirements.

As a hardware-agnostic solution, Mangrove offers secure flexible data ingestion options to ingest data from sources across your value chain, including meter data, third-party data, data warehouses, and third-party monitoring data.
Ingests real-time data from multiple sources, across various integration types to provide robust digital measurement, monitoring, and verification (MRV) for CCS
Allows operators to easily share data across the value chain and leverages chain of custody tracking and mass balance accounting to attribute carbon data to point of origination
Identifies critical data access requirements for upstream contracting with producers or emitters

Drive actionable, ML-driven insights to improve project ROI.

Mangrove comes equipped with an industry-leading validation, alerting, and insights engine to ensure your project data and activities remain compliant with programs and opportunities to drive project ROI are maximized.

Mangrove validates all data entering the system for completeness, enforcing cleanliness and overall quality assurance across the project. Anomaly detection allows operators to catch calculation anomalies and ensure data completeness for reporting. Project operators can leverage operational data and program scenarios to receive actionable insights on ways to increase revenue and maximize the project’s commercial potential.
Maintain compliance with programs with intelligent monitoring & alerts
Ensures data quality through ongoing validations of incoming system data
Drive project ROI with commercial program and project insights

Future-proof your operation with monetization pathway flexibility.

New compliance & tax regimes are emerging. Regulations are evolving on an international level. Reporting requirements for monetization pathways are increasing in complexity.

Project developers need a system that can help them adapt to the changes in the industry and market to take advantage of the most viable pathways for their projects while ensuring proper controls are in place to prevent double counting.
Supports value stream calculations for 45Q, 45Z, LCFS, the VCM, and more
Enforces stackability rules to prevent double counting while maximizing commercial outcomes
Allows operators to stay flexible to emerging compliance & tax regimes, changing regulations, and new reporting requirements
Key Capabilities for CCS

Streamline carbon commercialization with the leading solution for digital MRV.

Production Carbon Accounting
Perform carbon accounting on a per unit basis to support multiple CO2 sources through mass balance, storage sites and chain of custody transfer points.
Value Chain Data Collection
Seamless data sharing across your value chain. Automate data collection or provide partners with a data inbox to share data and evidence.
Compliance Management
Stay on top of data requirements and reporting tasks & deadlines across multiple markets and for project compliance.
Data Quality Control
Track batches of gross CO2 production and underlying calculations. Store evidence for robust audit & traceability, and validate data completeness.
Multi-Program Support
Support multiple monetization pathways for sequestered or utilized CO2.
Hardware & Data Source Agnostic
Ingest data from sources across your system boundary, including sensor export flat files, third-party data, data repositories (FTP, S3 etc.)
Credit Position Management
Track offtakes, orders, and deliveries. Generate verification reports, issuance submissions for registries, and reconcile credit balances for real-time inventory.
Robust Audit & History Tracking
Reporting APIs to power external BI solutions, and built-in reports to analyze production, allocations, and commercialization.
Customer Spotlight

Summit Carbon Solutions has selected Mangrove as its carbon system of record.

Mangrove Systems will support Summit Carbon Solutions' 18M+ TPA BiCRS project in the Midwestern United States.

Turn project operational data into revenue with Mangrove.

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