Over a third of the global biochar carbon market runs on Mangrove Nexus

Accend, a leader in the carbon dioxide removal industry, commercializes some of the largest biochar carbon projects in the world, counting Shopify and JP Morgan Chase among its Fortune 500 carbon removal buyers.
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“Mangrove Nexus helps streamline our carbon removal operations; it is essential to our ability to scale and effectively meet the growing demand of our customers.”

Paul Ferguson
CEO, Accend

Accend's mission is simple — help scale up the carbon removal industry by providing best-in-class services and support to the companies removing CO2 from the atmosphere.  If you are a carbon removal project, the path to commercialization can seem both challenging and daunting with diverse data, reporting, life cycle assessment modeling, and operational requirements to getting a removal project off the ground. Accend helps projects successfully navigate these complexities to bring these critical projects to life.

Since Accend’s founding in 2020, the company has helped commercialize some of the largest carbon projects in the world, bringing high quality, verified carbon removal to buyers looking to offset their emissions. These buyers include Fortune 500 companies like Shopify and JP Morgan Chase.

Accend is actively managing dozens of carbon removal projects, representing over a third of the delivered biochar carbon credits as of November 2023. The operational complexity of managing the individual transactions, multitude of buyers, continuous streams of operational data, and reporting for both its suppliers and buyers became, business-critical if Accend wanted to maintain its existing level of service in the market.

“In our early days we could use simple methods like spreadsheets to manually track inventory, production forecasts, and purchases," explained Paul Ferguson, CEO at Accend. “But as our operations scaled it quickly became clear that we needed a robust technology solution to help manage the increased complexity of our business.”

"As our operations scaled it quickly became clear that we needed a robust technology solution to help manage the increased complexity of our business.”

- Paul Ferguson, CEO, Accend

A robust carbon management solution

To address these challenges, Accend engaged Mangrove and its carbon management solution Mangrove Nexus to be the foundational data system powering its operations. “I evaluated a number of solutions available on the market,” explained Ferguson, “it was clear that the team at Mangrove had the strongest understanding of the challenges and needs of my business, and that was reflected very clearly in the Mangrove Nexus product.”

Accend saw immediate benefits from implementing Mangrove Nexus across its operation as the solution helped its team confidently track, forecast, and deliver carbon removal inventory and orders. Once this foundation was in place, Nexus focused on driving the underlying conversion from production data to this inventory of commercial credits.

Nexus supports Accend by ingesting and aggregating relevant data directly from biochar production operations, including the emissions factor data for lifecycle analyses. Nexus models Accend’s projects with corresponding digital twins, and tracks all of these inputs and outputs through its carbon ledger system, creating a single source of truth for all production data across each of Accend’s projects. This system has:

  • Reduced risk of operational errors and helped standardize data amongst Accend’s value chain stakeholders
  • Improved auditability & reporting to accelerate verification timelines, decreasing the cash conversion cycle
  • Raised the accuracy of reporting & forecasting for all stakeholders, through core reports and analytics within the value chain

Mangrove Nexus helps Accend deliver on its mission to scale up the carbon removal industry so Accend and its customers can continue supporting critical technologies in their carbon removal ambitions.

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