4 April 2024

Public consultation on Puro’s Updated Geologically Stored Carbon Methodology closes April 24, 2024

This major update to Puro’s Geologically Stored Carbon Methodology, originally released in 2021, marks a significant milestone for the geologic storage of CO2 in carbon removal.
Evan Little

The methodology update aims to refine Puro’s methodology to align with the latest advancements and knowledge of geologically stored carbon dioxide. It encompasses the capture, transport, injection, and storage of qualified CO2 streams and introduces enhanced criteria for the accurate measurement of CORCs within appropriate regulatory frameworks. 

Significant enhancements include:

  • Defining eligible CO2 sources—excluding carbon-containing substances
  • Specifying qualified capture and storage techniques
  • Strengthening rules for baseline scenarios and leakage determination
  • Providing detailed methods for quantifying CORCs
  • Elaborating on life cycle assessments
  • Enhancing biomass sustainability criteria
  • Improving data collection and monitoring procedures
  • Fortifying risk assessment and management criteria

Consultation Period

April 3 – April 24, 2024

Puro invites feedback from stakeholders and interested parties during this time as the update is being finalized. All contributions are highly valued and play a crucial role in our ongoing process of method development and review, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Public consultation for this methodology update is open until April 24, 2024. Visit Puro’s release to review methodology updates and provide comments: here.

Mangrove Systems is following these developments closely to ensure our customers will be able to operationalize the data collection, measurement, chain of custody and data management elements outlined in the methodology.

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