18 April 2024

Gold Standard Unveils Methodology for Biomass Fermentation with Carbon Capture and Storage (BFCSS) with Summit Carbon Solutions

First Carbon Dioxide Removal and Storage Methodology Approved by Gold Standard
Evan Little

Gold Standard and Summit Carbon Solutions (Summit) have announced the publication of an engineered carbon removal and storage methodology - the first to be approved under Gold Standard.

After a rigorous two-year process, the Methodology for Biomass Fermentation with Carbon Capture and Storage (BFCSS), developed by Summit, has been approved by Gold Standard, and is now available for use.

The methodology will allow the issuance of Gold Standard’s Verified Emission Reduction carbon credits for BFCSS. The document includes criteria for determining project eligibility, as well as monitoring and quantification protocol for accurately measuring and verifying the biogenic CO2 removed through capture and storage. It adheres to Gold Standard’s rigorous requirements for environmental integrity, safeguards, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable development.

This publication marks a significant milestone on Summit’s path to launching its landmark carbon removal project in the Midwestern United States. If you are a project developer looking for support in engaging the voluntary carbon market, including new methodologies such as BFCSS, please reach out to our team for more information.

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